Italian Studies

This area of inquiry promotes the study of the language, literature, media, visual arts, and culture of Italy, past and present.

The Italian Studies area is one of the most active at NeMLA, featuring more than 40 sessions each year and involving a wide spectrum of faculty members of all ranks as well as graduate students. While we welcome session proposals on different periods in Italian literature, we strongly encourage those on medieval and early modern literature and culture, a period that has so far been underrepresented. At the same time, we welcome proposals on innovative approaches to teaching methodology. We also invite proposals for panels that will explore Italy’s current diversity and multiculturalism.  

Please feel free to contact the Italian area director for questions or suggestions.

Area Director

Italian Studies Director 2023-2026


Giusy Di Filippo
Italian Studies, College of the Holy Cross

Check out the Cosmopolitan Collective!

The Cosmopolitan Collective is a dynamic constellation of interdisciplinary, transnational, and public intellectuals, belonging to but not bound by the field of Italian Area Studies. As a collective, we are committed to construct a cosmopolitan intellectual space where the intersection of race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, ability, rank, class, and/or language can produce fruitful and stimulating discourses. As Cosmopolitans, we seek primarily to engage those voices — that have been historically marginalized or excluded from academe — in order to create new spaces for intellectual exchanges which are politically and culturally affirmative.

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