French & Francophone Studies

This area of inquiry promotes the study of French and Francophone literatures, cultures, and visual arts.

Besides literature from France, Francophone studies have seen a remarkable expansion. NeMLA wants to accommodate that growth and create a platform for all Francophone subjects.

We welcome submissions in the following categories and still growing:

  • Francophone African literature
  • Francophone Caribbean literature
  • Francophone literature of Quebec
  • Francophone literature of Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Francophone literature of the Maghreb
  • French language
  • French literature
  • Francophone Vietnamese literature
  • Francophone European literature
  • Francophone literary theory
  • Francophone cultural and filmic aesthetics from all of the above geographical areas

NeMLA indeed has a Cultural Studies & Media Studies section, and we suggest that you carefully choose in which of these sections your submission fits. Francophone film and cultural aesthetics are thriving in the teaching and scholarship of Francophone studies and we are open to that diversity by increasing the outlets where you can present your work.

If there is a Francophone area that we missed, do let us know and we will be happy to add it.

NeMLA has become a competitive conference in recent years. While we continue to focus on quality for the submissions, we are equally committed to diversity. We encourage you to consider submitting your session/paper proposals in one of the above areas, as well as include a second category outside of the French and Francophone section.

Please feel to contact your area director for questions, or suggestions on how to move French and Francophone section at NeMLA forward!

Area Director

French and Francophone Studies Director 2024-2025

Olivier Le Blond


Olivier Le Blond
Department of Modern Languages, University of North Georgia