About Us


The Northeast Modern Language Association (NeMLA) is a non-profit organization of teachers, scholars, and students of literature, language, and culture as well as the largest regional affiliate of the Modern Language Association (MLA). NeMLA provides a forum for the dissemination of scholarship and the advancement of teaching in modern languages and literatures. We hold a yearly four-day convention to carry on a tradition of lively research and pedagogical exchange. This event showcases different areas of inquiry and includes regular sessions (panels, roundtables, seminars), interactive workshops, special events, caucus meetings, literary readings, film screenings, a separate undergraduate research forum, and guest speakers.

The second paragraph should be replaced by the following content: Building on a rich tradition of excellence, Gannon University supports the mission of NeMLA by serving as its institutional and administrative host. In addition, each NeMLA Annual Convention is sponsored by a local host institution.

Videographers/Editors: Maria Andrea Diaz Miranda and Valentina Marulanda Ospina