Cultural Studies & Media Studies

This area of inquiry promotes the study of all areas relating to the intersections of culture and media.

Culture Studies and Media Studies is an ever-evolving area which includes—but is not limited to:

  • New Media Studies
  • Digital Humanities scholarship
  • Film and Television Studies
  • Visual Culture
  • Cultural Studies
  • Genre Studies and Forms
  • Graphic Novels

We welcome proposals which take up one or more of these fields or related fields of inquiry. If there something we are not listing, but you feel falls under this area, please inform us and we will consider it for inclusion on our webpage. More importantly, submit a panel proposal.

We are open to panel and joint-panel proposals from scholars of all ranks. Additionally, we encourage session formats beyond the traditional panel, including but not limited to roundtables, creative sessions, and sessions with innovative uses of technology.

Please note that those working in particular languages may want to direct their proposals accordingly (for example, see the French and Francophone area, which welcomes proposals in literature, culture, and visual arts). If you have a question about which area is most appropriate for submission, please contact the relevant area directors.

Area Director

Cultural Studies and Media Studies Director 2024-2027

Julia Titus

Julia Titus
Yale University