This secondary area of inquiry promotes the study of the ancient Greco-Roman tradition and its influence. 

NeMLA is excited to introduce Classics as its newest secondary area of inquiry. As the foundation for much of western civilization, ancient Greek and Roman texts are integral to the study of modern languages and literatures. Yet, with works spanning 1300 years of literature, philosophy, and history, the Classics represent a rich and vibrant tradition in their own right. We welcome proposals exploring all aspects of the Classics. Possible topics include but are not limited to:

  • All genres of Classical literature including poetry, epic, and the novel
  • Classical drama, including comedy and tragedy
  • Classical history, including primary sources
  • Classical philosophy
  • The invention of new genres and media in ancient Greece and Rome
  • Classical reception and the influence of the Classics on subsequent time periods and cultures
  • Encounters between the Greco-Roman tradition and the non-Western world
  • Teaching the Classics, especially as part of the required core curriculum
  • Classics and Critical Theory 

We hope not only to yield new insights into the works of ancient Greece and Rome but to understand why the Classics have continued to resonate through the present day.


Derek DiMatteo
English Department, Gannon University