Comparative Literature

This area of inquiry promotes the study of literary and cultural relations across national boundaries.

NeMLA’s structure includes strong and vibrant divisions devoted to Italian, French, German, Spanish, and Anglophone literatures. Russian and Slavic languages and literatures are a growing presence. But this division makes possible a focus on cross-cultural comparisons between languages and literatures—such as when a panel focuses on a particular theme or concern across languages and cultures—and facilitates the discussion of the relationship between literature and the arts, philosophy, politics, science, and cultural artifacts in a transnational context. As such, the division is the natural home for scholars whose teaching and writing is inherently comparative or includes several literatures and cultures, and for those whose work does not fit neatly within the boundaries of traditional national language and literature departments.

Area Director

Comparative Literature Director 2024-2027

Erneto Livorni

Ernesto Livorni
Department of French and Italian, University of Wisconsin - Madison