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Nomination Process

  • Nominations for Board openings are due at nemla_nominations@nemla.org by August 15. Self-nominations are welcome. 
  • Except for the Second Vice President, positions on the board are staggered. Those interested in the Second Vice President position are encouraged to contact the Executive Director for more information, as that position entails recruiting their own institution as a host institution for the convention.
  • The nominating committee (made of Board members) will consider all nominations (based on the candidates' experience and years of involvement with NeMLA) and approve candidates to stand for the election, before the membership of NeMLA elects the organization’s Board members.
  • Once approved by the nominating committee, the candidates are asked to submit three documents: a CV, a brief biography, and a statement of purpose. The biographical statement and statement of purpose will be posted online in preparation for the membership vote.
  • For more information about the nominating process, please email the Executive Director.

Voting in Board Elections

  • Elections for the CAITY Caucus, Graduate Student Caucus, and Women's and Gender Studies Caucus positions are conducted separately by each caucus.
  • The results of the elections are announced at the Sunday Membership Meeting on the last day of the convention, and all newly elected Board members begin their term on that day.
  • Deadline to vote: February 1

Board Openings