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Session Proposals

What do I need to do to chair a session at NeMLA?

  • Propose a session before the 29 April deadline
  • Become a member if it is accepted
  • Vet abstract submissions after the 30 September deadline
  • Ask each presenter to confirm their participation
  • Confirm the format (panel, seminar, roundtable, creative)
  • Remind participants to register by Dec 9
  • Finalize your session (and ask for a second session if needed)
  • Proofread one last time before the program goes to print

Which area should I choose for my session?

While we understand that multiple areas may be relevant to your session's topic, we limit chairs to a Primary Area and a Secondary Area for practical reasons. 

We also understand that session topics may relate to multiple national and continental literatures and languages. We recommend choosing areas such as Comparative Literature and World Literatures where applicable. 

I received many excellent abstracts for my session. What can I do?

To accommodate more than 4 presenters, either:

  • organize a seminar or roundtable with up to 10 participants. A seminar, like a panel, is paper-based (with papers circulated in advance), while a roundtable is discussion-based
  • request a second session if applicable (a minimum of 8 submissions is required). Second session requests will be granted based on space availability

 What can I do with a NeMLA membership?

The membership lasts 1 year, from December 1 to November 30. It is not transferable to other members, to MLA or other regional associations.

Abstract Submission

What do I need to submit an abstract?

  • Only an abstract! No need to be a member or register to submit abstracts
  • Access the Call For Papers here to locate session(s) to which you can submit your abstract(s)
  • Open a free username account in our database
  • Only register when your abstract has been accepted

When does the call for papers begin?

As early as May 15, after the Call for Session proposals has been closed. You can submit abstracts here.

Do I have to be a member to submit an abstract?

No, only to chair an accepted session.

May I submit an abstract for the organizers to match to an appropriate session?

Members are expected to identify the session(s) to which they wish to submit their abstract(s), although we are always happy to assist should you have any issues locating an appropriate session.  

How many abstracts can I submit? How many times can I present?

You may submit up to 4 abstracts, but you may only present on two sessions, and they cannot be of the same type. For example: a panel and a seminar are of the same type (paper-based).

May I submit a paper in a language other than English?

Yes. Please confirm this with your session chair.

Do I need to bring my laptop or other tech equipment, or will it be provided?

NeMLA does not provide any device (laptop, tablet, media player, etc.) to connect to the projector/speakers. Please bring your own VGA adapters (including Apple product adapters), slideshow advance clickers, laser pointers, or other materials.

Please request A/V as you submit your abstract. If requested, NeMLA can provide a projector, a VGA cable, a screen, and computer speakers with audio jack cable.   

I forgot my username and password. Can you reset it?

To reset your password, please go to the login page, enter your username and select the “Forgot my Password” option. If you do not receive your email shortly, please check your junk mail folder.

To retrieve your username, please email support@nemla.org.

How do I update information in my profile?

Go to the login page.

Please email support@nemla.org with any questions.


Do I need to register?

  • Participant registration is required to participate in our annual convention. You can register here and find information about registration costs and deadlines here.
  • Auditor registration begins in January. Non-presenting graduate students within a 25-mile radius of the convention OR non-academic guests of registered participants, not attending receptions, can audit for free.

Accessibility and Accommodations at NeMLA

NeMLA is committed to making arrangements that allow all members of the association to participate in the convention. We therefore ask that all session chairs and presenters take the necessary steps and precautions to make their sessions accessible to attendees who need accommodations or who have permanent or temporary disabilities, including by

  • alerting the NeMLA leadership of accommodation needs at least eight weeks before the convention
  • setting up the live transcript functionality during the session (the closed captioning can be turned off or on by each individual participant)
  • speaking clearly and distinctly at a regular speed
  • making copies of presentations available to the attendees or their interpreters upon request (NeMLA will coordinate the sharing of files)
  • making sure speakers identify themselves so that audience members will know who is talking
  • repeating questions or statements made by members of the audience
  • ensuring that in discussions, only one person speak at a time
  • speaking in a well-lit context so those who lip read can do so easily

American Sign Language Interpretation

Sign language interpretation and live transcripts at the convention are scheduled based on requests received at least eight weeks before the convention. We will make every effort to accommodate late requests if resources are available.