Session Types

NeMLA Registrants can participate in several sessions but only in one session of each type.

It is permissible to present on a panel/seminar and a roundtable (or creative session), but not on two panels, or on two roundtables, or on a panel and a seminar (because the latter are both paper-based).

Paper-based Sessions

  • Regular Panel: 3-4 participants, reading a formal paper of 15-20 minutes (2500-3000 words) as set by the chair, followed by Q&A.
  • Seminar: 5-10 participants will circulate their papers (length determined by chair) prior to the convention. Participants give a brief presentation of their work followed by an exchange. Respondents may be invited by the chair.


3-10 participants give brief, informal presentations (5-10 minutes) and the session is open to conversation and debate.

Creative Session

3-6 participants read their work in poetry, fiction, nonfiction or other genres, followed by Q&A.

Workshops model hands-on learning and are interactive discussions led by a moderator. They aim to develop professional skills or examine professional interests, responsibilities, and proficiencies.

NeMLA recognizes the significant contribution of visual presentations to the body of academic study of literature and other linguistic constructions. Poster presentations can relay complex information in ways that text alone cannot. There are three types of poster presentations at NeMLA:

  • digital posters by our Summer Fellowship winners showing their NeMLA-sponsored research projects (due December 31)
  • poster presentations by our Undergraduate Research Forum participants (due November 15)
  • member-organized poster presentations (due April 29)

Formatting guidelines

  • Digital posters must be submitted as Microsoft PowerPoint presentation files.
  • Posters may be in color or black and white. 
  • Posters must be legible.