Interactive Workshops

Workshops at our Annual Convention model hands-on learning and are interactive discussions led by a moderator. They aim to develop professional skills or examine professional interests, responsibilities, and proficiencies.

Space for workshops may be limited, so please pre-register (available at the end of October). If a workshop is sold out, it will no longer appear under "Registration and Membership," but you may email to be added to our waiting list.

2024 Workshops

Affective Writing Pedagogies Workshop: Using Zines

In this workshop, participants will be working on developing affective and process-based writing pedagogies along with many colleagues. We will use zines to make annotated bibliographies, write research papers, and create visual writing. One of the goals of this project is to bridge the gap between students’ lived experiences through encountering everyday media and images and their academic writing while emphasizing the plasticity of writing itself.

Decolonizing Program Outcomes: Pedagogy and Assessment for Language Instructors

Subsequent to a successful and invigorating virtual DDGC (Diversity, Decolonization, and the German Curriculum) collective gathering, this workshop furthers the aims of removing structural barriers to learning and assessment for language teaching. We will jointly consider the DDGC’s collaboratively generated list of language outcomes in light of our own respective situation.

Digital Storytelling in Foreign Language Curricula: The Why and the How

This workshop for foreign language instructors presents how to integrate dissertation projects about narratives in the digital storytelling format into existing curricula. It includes best practices for curricular considerations (level, topic, materials), an outline of the instructional sequence and lesson plans, and assessment rubrics.

No Surplus in Sustainability: Environmental Justice in Latin America

This workshop promotes cultural awareness in language classrooms by examining Latin American artistic expressions concerned with environmental justice, showcasing a range of thought-provoking contemporary Latin American artists and activists. Attendees will walk away with concrete examples of how to use authentic materials involving different media arts in their L2 classrooms.

Task-based Language Teaching (TBLT): The Macro- the Micro- and Everything in Between

This workshop provides an overview of the foundations of TBLT and demonstrates how a successful implementation of Tasks requires thoughtful consideration of both macro- and micro-decisions at the various stages of syllabus design. Through a series of hands-on exercises in lesson planning, materials creation, and language assessment, attendees will experience first hand the components involved in implementing the TBLT framework.

Past Workshops

Exhibitor-Sponsored Workshops

Exhibitors have the opportunity to offer workshops at NeMLA. We will promote your workshop as part of our Professionalization Initiatives, and convention attendees will have the opportunity to pre-register. Exhibitors who sign up after November 1 may be asked to share a workshop. For more information, contact