Job Clinic and Publishing Mentoring Circle

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CV and Job Clinic

Mentors and mentees discuss job market documents at the annual NeMLA convention.

Faculty members will meet graduate students, contingent and adjunct faculty one-on-one to advise these emerging scholars on CVs and cover letters, and to practice mock interviews. These one-on-one 30-minute advising sessions will be open throughout the Convention.

Instructions for Mentors

  • Please pre-register by January 10 as a mentor in your username account by choosing the "Job Mentoring Circle" option under "Registration." 

Instructions for Mentees

  • Please pre-register by January 10 as a mentor in your username account by choosing the "Job Mentoring Circle" option under "Registration."
  • Bring hard copies of your CV and Cover Letter with you to the convention, and come with questions about your application and about the academic job interview process. Mentees working on Cover Letters or Mock Interviews are encouraged to bring a copy of a job ad with them to the Job Clinic.

Publishing Mentorship Program

We are excited to offer once again the Publishing Mentorship Program, in which we will pair senior faculty with emerging scholars in a similar research area. The senior scholar will offer guidance throughout the year on an article that the emerging scholar is hoping to publish. The arrangement would be at the discretion of the mentor and mentee, but the mentor must be willing to read a draft or suggest possible venues for publication. We highly suggest that you meet at least once via Zoom.

Instructions for Mentors

  • Please email by May 15, indicating your willingness to serve as mentor.
  • Please provide your affiliation (institution, department, job title) and areas of specialty so we can pair you up with someone in your field.

Instructions for Mentees

  • Note that mentees must be ABD or above in order to participate, and tenure-track faculty may participate as mentors only.
  • This program only offers guidance on writing and publishing articles.
  • Please complete the application below and email it with your CV to by May 15.
  • Please submit a brief report of your work in the mentorship by December 1.

Convention Roundtable: "NeMLA’s Publishing Mentorship Program"

At every annual convention, a dedicated roundtable allows participants to assess the challenges and successes from their year-long publishing mentorship undertaking.


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